We're live! (+ updates)

We now have a sourceforge and have migrated to git. To use the new hub:

git clone git://github.com/vagrant51/cerebra.git

Then follow the usual build instructions.

We've also got a new functionality: networking! Via stacklesssocket (available within the code; see this documentation page for details). I want to get this released by the end of the year.

Third, the sourceforge page is up, and there are three mailing lists (cerebra-users, cerebra-devel, and cerebra-features).

And last, the development of very complex apps comes at a price (thankfully not money, or else I'd be screwed). But seriously, being on the bleeding edge, chances are we will not receive many contributors until our method is better documented. Our paper attempts to do this, but the gritty details of its submission require that reviewers be selected carefully. Which...is still pending. Hate to keep anyone waiting (though currently only a few folks know about this). =/.